Our Mission

Our mission for Change Masters® and Change Masters Academy™ is to help organizations become the ones that we would like our children and grandchildren to be a part of because of the what they accomplish and how they work together.

We see the organizations improving one leader at a time … and the leader will impact hundreds or thousands in the organization. We also see the coaching we do provide significant improvements in our client’s personal lives.

Over more than a quarter century, we have had tremendous success seeing our clients make major improvements in their professional and personal lives. Our desire is to help many more people who are not able to afford the our successful individual coaching process.

Change Master Academy is our newest step in reaching a broad audience. We published the book, “Seeing Yourself as Others Do“, that captures many of the pragmatic approaches we have seen be successful time after time. The book has been well received around the world at a level we did not expect. The Academy will extend beyond the book and provide new and better ways to achieve our mission.