Results Road SignUltimately it is the results that matter…

Our customers keep returning because we facilitate pragmatic results …

Often our customers say it best. Recently a client who had also sponsored several executives for our Individual Leadership Development said, “Intelligence and knowledge are not the keys to success. They help, but 90% of your success is based on your interpersonal communication skills and self awareness. There is a firm that gives you a unique and powerful opportunity to learn how others see you and give you real help to be more effective. It really works. The firm is Change Masters.”

The fact that customers see real an lasting changes in behavior in only a few months is what is often so amazing. Our clients feel more authentic as leaders and are more effective at achieving results. It happens time and time again.

What They Said…

“The process made (this president) a more effective leader in the most productive division at our (Fortune 100) company.”

“I shifted from managing a problem to leading a cause.”

“The process is so effective that I led a meeting of 14 other company Presidents and told them all how good the process was and that they all needed it.”

“At the Annual Stockholders Meeting, my presentation was great and I was much more effective because of Change Masters coaching.”

“I found out that I made things too complex; now I get things done faster and simpler.”

“I needed Change Masters and didn’t know who you were. What you told me to change was easy to do… once I knew what my blind spots were.”

“I learned to instill motivation and momentum for corporate changes taking place.”

“It was a great tool to assess my whole management team… in a context where they were out of their environment. You just can’t find these things out internally.”

“The last two staff meetings I led were my best ever!”

“Change Masters was a major turning point in my life. No one ever told me how they saw me – they were too afraid.”

“I will recommend your process to all the top management (Fortune 100 Company).”

“I have seen the positive impact I have made on my subordinates as a result of your coaching. I can now see how the whole company will be more productive.”