Change Masters Executive Coach™

Rapid change, pragmatic experience, and long-lasting results …

Since 1986, Change Masters® has been assisting premier companies around the world. Our 150 customers include over 25 of the Fortune 100 Companies. We have individually coached over 2,000 executives and professionals. Our pragmatic, results-oriented change products focus on Individual Development and Global Knowledge Transfer.

We are highly experienced and offer a money-back guarantee for our individual coaching. For over 25 years, Change Masters has helped diverse clients shrink the gap between their intentions and their perception with the greatest possible dignity, integrity, honesty and compassion. We believe in the innate ability of our talented clientele to make significant and positive change when presented with powerful data, relevant experiences and compelling approaches.

Individual Coaching – Authentic Executive Presence

You don’t get to vote on how you are perceived. How others see you is their reality, no matter what you might have intended. That’s because we judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behaviors. How others respond to you as a person and a leader will depend entirely on their perception of you. We’ve all heard the phrase “Perception is reality,” yet you’d be amazed how many people believe this concept doesn’t apply to them. Ninety-five percent of the time, our clients are stunned when they see themselves on camera or hear their voices. We customize our levels of coaching to meet individual needs.

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