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Survey Help




In order to take part in this online survey you will need to use a computer that can connect to the Internet and access the World Wide Web using a web browser. We recommend that you use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as we have found this browser to work best with our survey software. Using your web browser, please visit the following address


Your email notification should contain a Username (usually your email address) and a Password. Once you arrive at this web address you will be presented with a login web page. You will need to provide the username and the password. The password is case sensitive. You can copy the password from the email and paste it into the password field for the survey logon.


Once you have entered your username and password information and clicked on the LOGIN button, you will be presented with the first question.

After answering the question, click on the NEXT button in the lower right corner of the web page to save your results and move on to the next question. If you wish to review one of your previous responses, you may do so by clicking on the PREVIOUS button on the lower left side of the web page or by selecting the question you wish to review using the drop-down list near the top of the page and clicking on the GO button.  Using either method will save your current response before displaying a previous response.  You must enter a response in the current question before moving to the next question or returning to the previous question.

Feel free to answer all of the questions during a single session, or if you prefer, you may start the survey and come back later to finish it. Before exiting the survey, press UPDATE to save your responses to the current question. When you come back, you will be asked to login again by supplying your username and password. Once you have logged in, our website will remember your previous responses and you can continue answering our questions where you left off.  If you’d like to review your previous answers, simply type a response or place holder in the current question then press PREVIOUS or use the drop down list.

The survey is set up to close down after 45 minutes of being idle.  Your computer’s browser may be set to close even faster depending on your individual or company settings.  Your answers will not be lost but you will be required to log into the survey again.


When you have completed the answers to all of the questions, please click on the FINALIZE button on the last page of the survey. Once the survey is finalized you will not be able to return to the survey and we will know that you consider your answers complete. If you have any questions or difficulties with the survey, please contact us via email using the following address: This address is monitored by our technical support staff who will be happy to assist you.